The fish graspeth the hook, Thinking to find food, But the fisherman is the enjoyer
of the meal.


New linocut portrait based on a beautiful photo/selfie of @tzaddi53 … I hope you like it Tzaddi 🙏… #linocut #print #portrait #printmaking #art #blockprinting #preprintpoetry #portraiture

Wonderful…thank you


New linocut portrait based on a beautiful photo/selfie of @tzaddi53 … I hope you like it Tzaddi 🙏… #linocut #print #portrait #printmaking #art #blockprinting #preprintpoetry #portraiture

Wonderful…thank you

All that is visible must grow beyond itself, extend into the realm of the invisible. Thereby it receives its true consecration and clarity and takes firm root in the cosmic order.


Citrofortunella microcarpa, the calamondin or calamansi, is a fruit tree in the family Rutaceae native Asia. Other English language common names include calamonding, calamandarin, golden lime, “Philippine lime”, Panama orange, Chinese orange, acid orange.

Pedicularis densiflora, known commonly as Indian warrior.


Chlorogalum pomeridianum aka Soap Plant aka Soap Root

It was about 7 years ago when I first started noticing and learning about this versatile plant that I put the following information together.

The plant I used for making this brush is a soap plant, Chlorogalum pomeridianum. 

Up here in northern California, Shasta County to be particular the local soap plant is also known as Amole and has the Latin name Chlorogalum pomeridianum. It likes dry, open hills. Although it is very common, you have to make a special effort to enjoy the delicate beauty of the flowers. Mostly, you will just notice the basal leaves, which start to appear in March. A twiggy stem develops in May, with inconspicuous buds. The flowers only open late in the day or when it is very overcast, so look for them around twilight. They are mostly pollinated by moths that avoid the sunlight, but bees also pollinate them. 

Ok, so why the name? Both the indigenous peoples and the early settlers used it as a soap. They stripped the outer coating from the bulb and used the crushed pulp to wash with. It makes an excellent lather. Baking destroys the soapy (saponin) character of the bulbs, making them edible. The spring shoots are very sweet when cooked. Even the basal leaves are edible. The juice from the baking bulbs makes good glue. There are other “soap plants” in California, including the closely-related Chlorogalum augustifolim, which is referred to as “narrowleaf soap plant,” our local plant being called “wavy-leaf” to distinguish it. 

A rosette of wavy blue-green leaves is often the most noticeable part of the soap plant. The leaves may grow up to 2 feet long, flattened against the ground. In May or June these leaves start to wither as a stout stem 2 to 4 feet high rises from the root stalk. Dainty blue-veined white flowers appear successively up the stalk, opening briefly in the afternoon. The descriptive name, pomeridianum, means “opening in the afternoon.” The large deeply seated bulb is covered with coarse fibers. 

The indigenous peoples had many uses for this plant. The bulb was baked for food, and the coarse fibers were used to make brushes. The crushed bulb made a soapy lather that was used as a shampoo. This same material was used to help catch fish. It was put into low flowing streams where it would get into the gills of fish so they could not breathe. The crushed bulb also made a glue used variously for fletching arrows, putting backings on bows, and making brush handles. The mashed bulb was applied to relieve sores and poison oak rash and to cure rheumatic pains and cramps. In addition to the bulb, very young shoots proved to be a very sweet food when cooked slowly in a pit oven. When still young, the fresh green leaves were sometimes eaten raw. The older leaves were used for wrapping acorn bread during baking. Juice from the leaves was pricked into the skin for green tattoo markings. 

Januray,18, 2014…these are emerging from the ground

Restless night…

55. Fêng / Abundance [Fullness]
 Six at the top means: His house is in a state of abundance. He screens off his family. He peers through the gate And no longer perceives anyone. For three years he sees nothing. Misfortune. This describes a man who because of his arrogance and obstinacy attains the opposite of what he strives for. He seeks abundance and splendor for his dwelling. He wishes at all odds to be master in his house, which so alienates his family that in the end he finds himself completely isolated.
This mornings walk…
This morning’s walk.
“…just as one sorts out silk threads from a knotted tangle and binds them into skeins.  In order to find one’s place in the infinity of being, one must be able both to separate and to unite.”
3. Chun / Difficulty at the Beginning

Culross Palace

This is crisp & colorful…warm & pleasing


Culross Palace

This is crisp & colorful…warm & pleasing

Vine on the web



Today, we’re introducing a new way to experience Vine: on the web.

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This sounds exciting. An expansion of expression and time. ✨

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Hold on, hold on, let me get the words out before I burstThere’s no truth at all, poking at the giant eyes of ancient godsCool hats have failed, now it’s time for me to have my turnKiss me, kiss me, life is far too short to scream and shoutFlashed up in my wildest dreams, like red blood streams, stretch out like vast cracked iceThe veins of you, the veins of me, like great forest treesPushing through and on and inGliding like a satellite in the broken nightAnd when I wake you’re there I’m savedYour love is life piled tight and high set against the skyThat seems to balance on its ownSing out sing out the silence only eats us from the inside upI meant no harm but I only get to say these words too lateWake up wake up dreaming only leads to more and more nightmaresSnap out of it you said it in a way that showed you really cared.Send your lifeboats out for me,Send your lifeboat out
~“Lifeboats” is track #7 on the album A Hundred Million Suns. Written by Lightbody, Gary / Connolly, Nathan / Quinn, Jonathan Graham / Simpson, Tom / Wilson, Paul.